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With this small website we would like to introduce you to our project Atlantic Breeze in Nova Scotia.

These are 17 plots of land in a unique location on the Atlantic Ocean.

We would like to create a community of like-minded people who would like to live on the Atlantic Ocean for an affordable sum, whether as a financial investment, vacation home, or new living location.

Each property owner has exclusive access to the Atlantic Ocean including the beach in their own bay.

The landmark of Holland Harbour is our 15 m high statue sponsored by Mr. Meinhard Pfanner. Holland Harbour is located about 2.5 hours by car north of Halifax. It can be reached stress and congestion free either via Highway 104, or via the great coastal road 7.

Everything you need for daily life can be found in Sherbrooke, which is about 15 min away. This is a cute little Canadian town where the old part of town is very well preserved and kept alive as a museum. In Sherbrooke you will find: supermarket, gas station, police, auto repair shop, school, hospital, hardware store and B&B.

If you expect a little more, you will find everything your heart desires in the university town of Antigonish, 50 minutes away.

Holland Harbour is a bay with its own beach and a small peninsula sweeping into the bay. The good thing about it is that you have a quiet bathing bay and also the houses are not exposed to the strong autumn winds as it is on the southern part, which borders directly on the open Atlantic.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the additional information and would be pleased to have aroused your interest for a personal meeting.


Scenic flight over the properties as well as impressions from Nova Scotia, Canada



Nova Scotia is the easternmost part of Canada with about 1 million inhabitants and an area of 55,284 square kilometers. The capital is Halifax and the official language is English.

Since it is located from the latitude at the height of Nice you have more of a mild climate than you would expect from Canada. lt is therefore close to our 4 seasons. The summers often with a little less rain and the winters rather dry than wet cold. Nevertheless, the coast always has its own weather rules.

Condor flies in the summer months directly Frankfurt / Halifax in about 6 hours.


There are 17 plots available, ranging from about 12,700 to 21,500 sqm at prices ranging from € 39,800 to € 53,900.

For more information, see purchase processing.

Site plan of the plots


The prices shown are final prices including Canadian VAT of 15% (current). Also included in the purchase price are the development costs, the road construction up to the property and the official surveying.

* The stated price in euro is authoritative. The conversion to Canadian Dollars is for overview purposes only and is based on a conversion rate of about 1.43 CAD / EUR.

Plot Area Price Price*
1 14,789 sqm € 42,800 C $ 61,200
2 13,575 sqm € 39,900 C $ 57,000
3 13,145 sqm € 43,800 C $ 62,600
4 13,159 sqm € 42,100 C $ 60,200
5 12,747 sqm € 39,800 C $ 56,900
6 16,189 sqm € 44,900 C $ 64,200
7 16,735 sqm € 43,800 C $ 62,600
8 16,030 sqm € 53,900 C $ 77,000
9 13,377 sqm € 48,700 C $ 69,600
10 13,083 sqm € 44,900 C $ 64,200
11 16,575 sqm € 48,200 C $ 68,900
12 21,387 sqm € 44,700 C $ 63,900
13 15,069 sqm € 52,900 C $ 75,600
14 21,606 sqm € 49,900 C $ 71,300
15 18,977 sqm € 52,800 C $ 75,500
16 16,785 sqm € 51,800 C $ 74,000
17 21,477 sqm € 49,900 C $ 71,300

Purchase processing

FDLD Canada Inc. is a company registered in Canada with a German office in Germany. All questions can therefore be clarified here in German.

After signing the purchase contract, a deposit of € 3,000 is due. These can be relied on our Canadian or German account. After that, the official surveyor misses the property again. Here it can happen that a few square meters away, or come to it. Hence the approximate information. After the survey, the property receives its official PID number. This also goes to our notary (James C. Macintosh I Antigonish). He then receives the remaining sum and keeps it until his notary of trust confirms the original property documents as receipt. Then our notary pays the money into our account.

To their running costs after purchase. You only have to pay an annual property tax. A real estate transfer tax is omitted. We also bear our notary fees and development costs. Thus, they only have to pay the land costs and their notary. The property tax is currently 0.95% of the purchase price. This includes the garbage collection, the fire brigade and the rescue service.

Our service includes not only a fair processing, but also a support after the purchase. We support you in terms of house construction, caretaker service / repairs and integration if desired.


Canadian office

FDLD - Frank Donauer Land Development - Canada Inc.
17 Main Street
Sherbrooke, NS, BOJ 3CO

German office

Frank Donauer
Erasbach B2
92334 Berching

+49 170 7998080

Bank account

Bank details Canada
RBC Royal Bank of Canada Sherbrooke Branch, 6 Main St
Kontonummer: 05943 – 1000561

Bank details Germany
Sparkasse Neumarkt
IBAN: DE 77 7605 2080 0042 6277 52

Legal notice

Information pursuant to Sect. 5 German Telemedia Act (TMG)

FDLD - Frank Donauer Land Development - Canada Inc.
17 Main Street
Sherbrooke, NS, BOJ 3CO

Represented by:
Frank Donauer


Phone: +49 170 7998080

Person responsible for editorial

Frank Donauer (Anschrift s.o.)

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